Inter 2nd Annual Examination 2023 Admissions.  
  Important Instructions
1. Click Here to Report an Error And Feed Back.
2. Start date for the feeding of Online Inter 2nd Annual Admission Date is 14-09-2023.
3. Last date With Single Fee is 25-09-2023, With Double Fee is 29-09-2023, With Triple Fee is 03-10-2023 and With Triple Fee + Rs.500 per day is 10-10-2023.
4. In Case of any problem Please Send online Feed Back or send Email to   IT.BISE@GMAIL.COM
5. You can also contact on the following Mobile Number of focal persons in office timing.  
  1. Muhammad Bilal : 92-307-6002685 (IT-SECTION)
  2. Ameen Ullah Usmani : 92-344-8183094 (IT-SECTION)
       6.  Mr. Hafiz Ikram Ullah : 92-341-8522901 (General Branch) For NOC, Migration
       6.  Mr. Ahmad Khan : 92-302-4407209 (Conduct Branch)
       10.  Mr. Hassan Abu Turab : 92-336-1626577 (Finance Branch)